Doing a series of charts painted on Florida fronds while home on vacation.


Any Floridians take umbrage? 


Finally after backing this project nearly two years ago, I received my cable…which is now incompatible with my iPhone. Thanks for nothing @juicies_com


Apps on apps on apps, y’all. Blip is officially everywhere: on your Xbox, iOS device, Android, and Kindle. Now you can take your favorite Blip series with you wherever you go, on your phone or tablet, and in your living room. All in beautiful HD quality.


All of our mobile apps are free and work on all leading smartphones and tablets that stream media. Our Xbox app is free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

It’s here!

Grinch kitty is going to steal your presents.

Work station for today #blip


Q&A: Haim’s Este Haim

The all-sister band’s bassist on signing with Columbia, L.A. radio and touring till her arms fall off.

One of my favorite bands in 2012. Their live performance is off the charts.


Pythagorean Theorem

via xwidep




Oh. My. Goddddddddddddd.

Okay, I guess I like the holiday season.


Yamster’s Day Out

(Cinematography by Joel, GIF work by Greg)

I like having a stream of these in my dashboard.

In the spirit of Blip’s new show, A Simple Walk Into Mordor, I dug out the pictures from my very own trip to Mount Doom (Mt. Ngauruhoe).

SPOILER ALERT - It’s much less scary than the movies make it out.

GO WATCH - Episode 1